Statement of the Board of Trustees of Grand Erie District School Board

FRIDAY, FEB. 16, 2024

Trustee Carol Ann Sloat has posted regrettable and misleading public statements on social media about the Board, Board staff, and her role as Trustee. The Board deeply respects the role of Trustees, the variety of perspectives they bring, and the value they provide to the community. All trustees have statutory duties that must be fulfilled, and the Board has established a Code of Conduct that governs the conduct of all its Trustees. These rules ensure the orderly operation and work of a student-focused school board. The statutory obligations and rules apply equally to us all, we can’t choose which to follow or ignore, and through the oath of office, we promise to uphold them. As a Board, we need to set this example for staff and students.

Regrettably, Trustee Sloat has repeatedly violated those rules. In each case, the Board, as authorized by the Education Act, found her to be in violation of the Code of Conduct, resulting in her being barred from Board and Committee meetings for a period of time. Trustee Sloat, through her own deliberate actions, has received sanctions which are authorized under the Education Act, to address the behaviour.

As these matters are currently the subject of three judicial review applications brought to the Superior Court of Ontario by Trustee Sloat, and on the advice of legal counsel, it is not appropriate for the Board to make any further statement at this time.

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