CareerLink: Providing Comprehensive Support for Job Seekers


hether you’re unemployed, underemployed, working part-time or simply looking for a change, CareerLink gives you what you need to get working. Located in the heart of Brantford, CareerLink offers a host of employment services like resume and cover letter assistance, help with job searches and applications, mock interviews, training opportunities, placement support, referrals, workshops and more. The goal, according to CareerLink coordinator Cheryl Stewart, is to “meet job seekers where they’re at in their journey so everyone who comes through our door can feel respected, listened to, supported and encouraged.”

Here’s what past clients have to say about their CareerLink experience and the support they received.


Adam P.

When I walked into CareerLink, I had my back against a wall. The world was forcing big changes in my life; changes I was not equipped to handle on my own. Aida made it possible for me to understand my options and the resources that were available to someone like me. She worked with me to tackle the mountain of paperwork required to undertake such life-altering challenges. She understood that life wasn't exactly going awesome for me, but that didn't make me any less human or deserving of help in her eyes. Due to unforeseen complications, I had to finish my program living out of my car, but I did finish.

Since completing my program and obtaining my licenses and certifications, I have not spent a single day unemployed. Thanks to the variety of skills, licenses and certificates I acquired through CareerLink and Aida, I am currently finishing my second mining season in Northern Ontario, and I remain in high-demand as my second Operator season begins.

I am grateful for the chance to get on my feet in a way that serves an industry with a quickly aging workforce. Thank you to anyone involved in these programs. Please let my story serve as proof that the hardest part is walking through the door.


Felicia R.

CareerLink has friendly, experienced staff who are willing to pair you with the perfect employment. They helped match my personal needs (e.g., great benefits, higher pay than past jobs) using my skill set to place me in a warehouse environment. I highly recommend this service.


Steffy M.

CareerLink is the best employment centre. I learned a lot through CareerLink, and today, I am a successful employee. I really appreciate their assistance. Please join CareerLink and meet kind, helpful people to assist you, especially if you are a new immigrant and don't know where to start. CareerLink will show you the way to success.


Julie P.

I just wanted to tell you that over the last few weeks, I have been transitioning form Life Enrichment to PSW! I will be working the exact same floor and everything. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this career! It is because of you that I am here!


Resources like CareerLink offer an equitable and responsive environment where community members and learners, past and present, can explore a world of opportunity, set goals and develop the skills to get there. CareerLink welcomes drop-in visits, as well as scheduled appointments in person or virtually. To learn more and explore what CareerLink has to offer, click here.

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