Jeff Allison's Award-Winning Vision Transforms eLearning in Grand Erie 



ast spring, Jeff Allison was recognized for his support and guidance in developing eLearning programming at the 2023 eLearning Consortium. Since then, he's stepped into a new role as principal of Hagersville Secondary School, all while continuing to develop and refine a large-scale online education program to support personalized learning in Grand Erie.

Above: Jeff Allison accepted the Leadership in eLearning Award at the 2023 Ontario eLearning Consortium.

The program was designed using D2L Brightspace, a virtual platform which allows users of all ages and abilities to explore tailored education opportunities that, otherwise, may not be present in their school or local community. 

"Grand Erie is a diverse district. eLearning is a pathway to support all students, providing flexible learning environments," explained Allison. 

With more than 26,000 learners to consider, Allison sought feedback from both staff and students. Building a strong program meant expanding course offerings to include all grades and pathways, supporting online educators with collaborative professional development and integrating online learning with Grand Erie's existing programs such as summer learning

In just two years, Grand Erie's eLearning program has expanded from 26 sections to 80. With ongoing input from students and the greater community, Allison and the online learning team aim to build more responsive learning communities both in Grand Erie and across the province. 

"With choice and voice, students can take courses that are of interest, match their learning style and support their academic needs," shared the eLearning principal. Virtual education offers a unique space where students can lean into curiosity and explore learning that supports the cognitive, social and physical needs of every learner. To learn more about online learning in Grand Erie, click here


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