Book it to the Library to Check Out New Titles Sure to Learn, Lead and Inspire 

TUESDAY, OCT. 10, 2023

Literary magic is unfolding in Grand Erie. 

Thanks to Grand Erie’s hardworking team of teaching consultants and library technicians, a wealth of new literacy materials have made their way into elementary schools, sparking curiosity and encouraging interest in reading. 

“This year’s library refresh is entirely student-focused,” says Library Technician Lou Anne Tessier, one of the key players in assessing and updating the schools’ repertoire.

The goal, in collaboration with Curriculum and Student Achievement and School Culture and Well-Being departments, was to provide students and their families with resources that represent their interests and personal experiences. Materials were hand-picked to reflect the Culturally Responsive, Relevant and Sustaining Pedagogy (CRRSP) as set out in Grand Erie’s Equity Action Plan

Particularly exciting additions are the new dual language books in Punjabi, Urdu, Arabic, Gujarati and Vietnamese, making engaging topics approachable for all learners. Prominent themes include technology, geography and climate change, as well as a variety of graphic novels and popular titles relevant to each age group. 

“We spent a lot of time looking at what our students like to read and assessed our inventory based on physical wear and tear, variety of topics, languages served and gaps to fill. We’re all very excited for the new collection - there’s something for every learner to dive into,” shared Tessier.

With its focus on learning and literacy, the library revitalization connects to Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan and this year’s Equity Action Plan, supporting equitable, inclusive and responsive environments for each learner. 

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