Grand Erie's 2024-25 School-Year Budget Approved


rand Erie District School Board approved balanced operating and capital budgets for the 2024-25 school year during the Regular Board meeting on Monday, June 24. Both budgets will now be submitted to the Ministry of Education.

“This budget reaffirms our commitment to building a culture of learning, well-being and belonging," said Susan Gibson, Chair, on behalf of the Board of Trustees. "Investments in schools and classrooms emphasize our unwavering commitment to high-quality education, safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for learning and working, and a focus on future resource stability and fiscal responsibility."


As an increase in student enrolment continues to drive revenue, Grand Erie's operating budget is approximately $397 million, up about $28 million from last year's approved operating budget. The priority is on investments in staffing directly supporting the classroom, with new teaching positions and permanent educational assistant positions added, increased funding for professional development, technology and other direct investments in learning, with a significant portion of funding dedicated to the Grand Erie Math Achievement Action Plan.

"With input from our learning community and Board, together with the Director of Education, senior leadership, and Business Services staff have all played instrumental roles in ensuring a transparent process rooted in our collective priorities," said Rafal Wyszynski, Superintendent of Business and Treasurer. "This has allowed us to make strategic decisions that address challenges, seize opportunities, and allocate resources efficiently and equitably."

Total projected student enrolment is expected to be 27,900 up approximately 900 pupils from the 2023-24 estimates budget. Developing the budget involved a process of community consultation, inviting students, staff members, parents/caregivers and community members to provide input to identify priorities and best allocate funding.

"We have a strong financial base and have purposefully and strategically aligned this budget to reflect our commitment to student learning and well-being," said JoAnna Roberto, Director of Education. "Additional investments in technology and professional learning for educators will continue to support strong instructional practices and classroom resources to maximize learning and impact."

 Budget highlights include:

  • Staffing investment of 85 additional positions including 49 teaching positions, 15 permanent educational assistants, and seven early childhood educators

  • Significant non-staffing investments including additional transportation funding, technology infrastructure, classroom resources, and facility operating costs

  • Capital budget of approximately $23.5 million allocated for investments in buildings, school grounds, renovations, upgrades and repairs

The fiscal year for Ontario school boards runs from September 1 to August 31. The Grand Erie Budget 2024-25 document can be found here.

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