Student Journalism Spotlight:
Festive Dinner at Bloomsburg Spreads Community Joy


By Serina E.,
Grade 8 student
Bloomsburg Public School

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 20, 2023


his year, Bloomsburg Public School’s Festive Dinner returned once again. Students, teachers, bus drivers and many others in our community were invited to join us for a turkey lunch here at Bloomsburg on Friday, December 15th. Guests included Norfolk’s Mayor, the Honorable Amy Martin; Provincial Constable and Media Relations Officer Andrew Gamble; Becky Mason, Clerical Assistant to our School Superintendent, Regan Vankerrebroeck; and various members from Transportation Services.

Above: Norfolk County Mayor Amy Martin (centre) and Provincial Constable Andrew Gamble were special guests at this year’s festive turkey lunch.

We had two separate seating times to accommodate our growing school. We had many volunteers come in to help make the turkey lunch possible, as well as help from the local community. Students around the school talked about enjoying an excellent turkey lunch, as well as the importance of spending time with friends and supporting the community. All extra food from the turkey lunch was taken to local retirement homes to share the joy.

We are at the time of year in which we are thankful for what we have. We are in the season of giving, and with that said, Bloomsburg has been accepting donations for the annual food drive. We have received many donations such as boxed goods, canned veggies, and pasta, which will all be taken to local food banks for many families to enjoy for the holidays. 

This year, we should all be thankful and share the joy with one another within our community. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

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