Above: Jack with Western Mustangs Offensive Coordinator Gaetan Richard.

Panther Set to Become a Mustang



Above: Jack with PDHS coaches and staff.

ack Kelly, Grade 12 student at Paris District High School, is ending the year with a touchdown: he recently signed a five-year football contract with Western University, where he’ll start his post-secondary journey in the fall of 2024 after completing the final credits of his secondary school diploma at PDHS this fall. His contract was presented to him by Gaetan Richard, Offensive Coordinator with the Mustangs at Western University, with proud staff members and coaches, teammates and family to share in the achievement. 

On getting ready to move on from PDHS to Western University:

I’ve learned a lot in my time at Paris that I’ll take with me, with the biggest lessons involving hard work in terms of both sports and academics. I’m really excited to move on to Western, play for five years and get an education, and we’ll see what happens after that. I’m a bit nervous, but mostly excited. 

On teamwork: 

We won our first ever championship last year for Paris, which was incredible. I’ve been with this team since Grade 9. We’re really good friends, and I think that’s what helps us win. 

In a fight between a panther and a mustang, which would win?

I’m going to have to go with the panther. They’ve got bigger teeth, and are a little more vicious. 

Above: Members of the 2022-23 PDHS football team.

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