Matthew Malcolm

Delhi District Secondary School Graduate,
Simcoe Composite School Leader

You Belong Here features Grand Erie leaders who were once Grand Erie learners. It’s a then-and-now look at the lessons in learning, well-being and belonging that shaped their school experiences and continue to inspire them today.

Matt Malcolm has deep roots in Norfolk County. He’s vice-principal at Simcoe Composite School and attended Delhi District Secondary School as a student

Tell us about your secondary school experience… in what ways did it allow you to become the leader you are today?
Malcolm-young.jpgHigh school at DDSS was a great five years (I was the last cohort of the OAC year). The endless opportunities I was provided and the wide range of courses I was able to take allowed me to broaden my horizons and enrich my leadership experiences. Some of my best memories are taking part in several model United Nations assemblies where I was able to work in partnership with others, take a stance on and address issues, and having the opportunity to hone public speaking in front of crowds, all which are valuable skill sets and experiences I have as part of my job responsibilities today! 
What were the popular trends when you were in secondary school?
Nokia cell phones slowly made their way out! Playing "snake" on them was the coolest. Then there was also that thing called Y2K… the shear panic of not knowing if the computer would fire up the next day to do our end-of-semester assignments in the new year was concerning, to say the least! The biggest TV show was Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I loved the challenge of the trivia questions and always wondered... who would be my "phone a friend," if ever given the opportunity. Napster had also made its way to the scene in the music world! It was short-lived, but it was the start of online streaming.
What’s it like being a leader in the same school/board/community where you were once a student?
Fantastic! It's amazing being a part of and serving in the community in which I live. I feel like the connections and partnerships I have Malcolm-now.jpgformed allow me to help best support our students, staff and school community to seek out opportunities that help promote student success and achievement. Long-lasting friendships and partnerships have continued to form as a direct result of my work in education.
What made/makes your school community special (both where you attended as a student and where you are now)?
Without a doubt, the people and relationships. What I have learned in the three different schools I have been positioned at in Grand Erie is that as a team, when we set goals, we all work hard and all do our part to achieve them. Working together, collectively supporting one another in our learning journey, students and staff alike, we all move forward and progress together as a board and for the benefit of our entire school community. While our school communities are all unique and different, we do have a lot in common and our strength is people.
What does ‘Learn Lead Inspire’ mean to you?
Malcolm-now.2jpg.jpgWhen I think of "Learn Lead Inspire," I reflect on opportunity – the opportunity we are given to be lifelong learners who can support others and ourselves in our quest for knowledge and understanding. We are fortunate in that we are provided the opportunity to lead others and support our teams in their educational journeys, which will look different for everyone. I’m also inspired by the opportunity that I am provided as a leader in Grand Erie to have the privilege to support and encourage students and staff to be themselves and showcase the amazing skillsets and talent they bring to our school community and programs every day!