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Congratulation to our Sabre!!!


"Student in the Suit" JT Sault 

for winning the myFM Spirit of Norfolk Award



" High School Mascot With the Most School Spirit!"



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Bus Pass Sponsor Program

       Booking a bus for a school trip, sporting event, or to showcase our talented concert band can be challenging for two reasons: buses are high in demand and costly.  There are so many schools within this district that need buses for the same reasons and depending on where you travel the price tag can be anywhere from $139.00 - $1,500 for one trip.


Simcoe Composite School has decided to reach out to local businesses to join our

Bus Pass Sponsorship Program.  Please consider this letter as an invitation to join us in fundraising for the 2023/24 and help support our students to have the best experiences available to them from busing to a sporting event, an educational field trip, or the concert band being part of festivals and touring our local elementary schools.


If you or your business are interested, we would love to issue you an official Simcoe Composite School Bus Pass for your donation that you can display in your place of business to show your support.  Please see below our destination bus passes available to purchase:



Bus Pass Sponsorship Program

Local Bus Pass


Rural Bus Pass


City Bus Pass



If you are interested in donating, please contact Megan Allen at megan.allen@granderie.ca

Become a Sponsor Today!

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