The primary goal for our Science department is to promote scientific literacy and problem solving skills in students. In order to achieve this, our teachers provide opportunities for students to conduct investigations that emphasize observation, experimentation, analysis and critical thinking.

In Grades 9 and 10, students complete 2 compulsory Science credits that cover curriculum in areas such as introductory chemistry, ecology, astronomy, electricity, climate change, body systems, and optics. In Grades 11 and 12, students have the opportunity to enrol in Senior Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses that prepare them for apprenticeships, college and university programs in these fields. Additionally, students interested in pursuing careers in health care have the option of taking our unique 2-credit Health Sciences program in their Grade 12 year. This course enables students to collaboratively solve 8 case studies presented by health care providers at Norfolk General Hospital, spend a morning in the operating room, and independently shadow a primary health care provider in our community.

Members of our department are specialists in their subject areas, possess a genuine love for teaching young people, and strive to continually upgrade their teaching skills through ongoing professional development. Our modern 5-lab facility is extremely well equipped with the latest technology required to prepare today’s digital learners for the future. Our faculty believes in challenging our students to achieve their best through hard work, dedication, and collaboration with others. Our teachers make it a priority to be available for our students outside of class time when they encounter difficulties.


Department Head: Melissa Gagne