Department of Specialized Services 


Welcome to our Department page! SCS offers a wide range of opportunities for students of all ability levels. Read on for more information!

Department Head: Jennifer Evans-Reid

Assistant Department Head: Rebecca Vanbenthem

GEDSB Special Services Advisory Committee (S.E.A.C.)

The Grand Erie District School Board recognizes that each student possesses unique learning requirements, and it is through addressing these individual needs that students can achieve success. Some students may present with exceptional learning needs that necessitate specialized programs and services. A student with exceptional needs is characterized by distinctive attributes in behavior, communication, intellect, physical abilities, or a combination of these exceptionalities. These characteristics are such that the student is deemed to require special education programs, as outlined in the Education Act. Please visit this link to find out more information about what Special Education looks like in our board, SEAC, Individual Education Plans, the IPRC process, and much more!

Drop-in Resource Support

The resource room is open most periods of the day for students to access individual support for class work, organizational coaching and tests. Students may come down, with the permission of their classroom teacher, to work in an alternate space when appropriate. Students who have an IEP in place, may also make arrangements with their classroom teachers to write their exams in the Resource Room.

Teacher looking at students in class


Self-Contained Classrooms


At SCS, we offer three distinct self-contained classrooms, each designed to cater to the diverse needs of our students. Continue reading below to gain a deeper understanding of the unique features and specialized approaches that characterize each of these classrooms.

Life Skills


We currently have two Life Skills classes that offer a wide range of opportunities for students to develop positive relationships and essential skills. Students are offered a structured environment that promotes inclusion, citizenship, kindness, a strong sense of community and the development of independent living skills based on individual student abilities. There is a focus on: basic literacy and numeracy, getting involved in the community, exercising responsibility & respect and developing appropriate social skills. The classroom is equipped with a full kitchen, washer and dryer and other amenities that replicate a household. Activities within the community are planned and can offer students new experiences or a chance to enjoy some of their favourites with peers. An Alternate Report Card will be distributed four times a year.


This self-contained classroom is designed to engage students with a wide range of abilities. The expectation of this program is for all students to engage in TWO credit courses each semester, accompanied by TWO periods in a self-contained classroom to focus on more personalized programming and support. Opportunities to take part in community endeavours and working within the school are encouraged. A strong focus on learning skills/strategies, health/wellness and developing new interests/connections is present. Many students within this program work towards a goal of attaining an OSSC (Ontario Secondary School Certificate). Some students may transition out to work towards other goals. An Alternate Report Card will be distributed four times a year.


This self-contained classroom offers many opportunities to prepare for life after school and it's intended for students with a wide range of exceptionalities. With a focus on literacy and numeracy, independence and responsibility, students apply these to real life concepts such as current events, money management and budgeting, cooking, shopping and other activities that will engage them in school and throughout the community. Healthy Relationships sessions are offered and Physical Education programming offers sports skills that are transferable to community involvement, such as golf, swimming, bowling, curling and fitness. Students may also be eligible to start a Co-op placement to build their work skills and habits and they may also integrate into credit-bearing courses for part of their timetable if appropriate. An Alternate Report Card will be distributed four times a year.


Project SEARCH

Project Search provides a comprehensive workplace immersion, including three work placements totaling over 700 hours of hands-on experience, tailored for students with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (MID, DD, ASD). This program is designed for students in their last year of high school. Its primary aim is to facilitate competitive employment in an inclusive community setting. Through exposure at host sites, students acquire transferable skills applicable to a wide range of job opportunities within their local area, fostering an environment of high expectations. With over 780 host job sites globally, Project Search boasts a 75% success rate in Canada, with graduates securing quality employment within a year of completion. The program collaborates with community agencies to support students in their education, employment training, and job search post-graduation. Check out the following link for more information:


Specialized Services Open House

We organize an Open House for students transitioning into one of our self-contained classes. During this event, they will have the opportunity to tour the school, spend time in their upcoming classrooms with new friends, and also partake in a provided lunch.


Graduation Luncheon

Each June, we plan a celebration for those students who are graduating with a Certificate of Accomplishment. They are encouraged to attend Commencement in the Fall as well, but we enjoy sending our graduates off with a party too! Their peers help to plan and execute the luncheon and staff, parents and community supports are welcome to join us in celebrating some of the most awesome people here at SCS!