Community Service Hours

One of the requirements for earning your diploma is completion of 40 hours of eligible community service. The links below provide important information along with the form to fill in and submit to get your hours counted.

Community Service Hours Form

Community Involvement Brochure

Visit the GEDSB site for more information about earning your Community Service Hours and insurance requirements. If you aren't sure whether a particular activity is eligible, ask guidance or administration before you participate.

Grade 12 students are reminded several times throughout the year that they still owe documentation of hours. Diplomas will not be granted without meeting this requirement so get your hours in asap!


*Some placements will require a police check, especially if you are over 18 years of age, and could be working with children.

Why is community involvement so important?

1. Community involvement increases an awareness and understanding of civic responsibilities and the role we can play in supporting and strengthening our communities.

2. MOST employers look to hire those who “go the extra mile”. Being a volunteer shows that you are willing to work hard for the benefit of others.


  • 73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteer experience over someone without!
  • 94% of employers believe that volunteering can add to skills!
  • 94% of employers who volunteered to learn new skills had benefited either by getting their first job, improving their salary, or being promoted!

Can I volunteer anywhere?

NO! Before accumulating hours only to find out they are NOT ELIGIBLE, read the ELIGIBLE vs. INELIGIBLE section below.

Can I use more than one (1) placement?

Absolutely! Just make sure you fill in, and submit a “Reporting of Hours” form for EACH placement. These are available in Student Services or for download above.

Do I need insurance for a volunteer placement?

“The Grand Erie District School Board’s liability insurance will protect you AND the community sponsors for up to 40 hours of community involvement activities” - Bd. Website. It is crucial for students/parents to purchase the Student Accident Insurance plan which is available at each school. Students are NOT covered through WSIB!! It is very important that students do not perform ANY tasks that may result in an injury, example: climbing ladders, working on scaffolding, heavy lifting, working with/near chemicals, cleaning up spills, operating machinery or vehicles, or anything questionable.

Are there special requirements for each volunteer activity?

Yes! These are specific to each individual activity and organization. Please refer to the Community Involvement Database for information including: age requirements, police checks, immunizations, and ability to accommodate special needs.

How do I find a placement?

Many organizations are happy to accept volunteers. Proceed to the Volunteer Placements Database section of this site for many ideas to get you started. Your choices are not limited to the recommended placements, but all placements must be approved! CHECK BEFORE YOU START!

Do I have to call the organization or do I just show up?

ALWAYS call first! The organization will need some information from you and tell you whether or not they need volunteers at the time. Keep in mind - EVERY student in the community needs to volunteer. Don’t wait too long, or may not get to volunteer for the organization of your choice!

What are my responsibilities?

You are being counted on, so be diligent about showing up. Many organization supervisors take a lot of time setting work aside for you. Be courteous, be responsible, get all paperwork signed and submitted.

What are the responsibilities of my parents/guardians?

Parents could assist in finding an appropriate community involvement activity, one that suits the interests, needs, and skills of the student. They must also sign the community involvement documents required if the student is under 18 years of age. Consider purchasing the Student Accident Insurance if private personal coverage is not sufficient.

What are the responsibilities of the community sponsors?

The sponsors are to provide awareness of their program/organization and promote how they benefit the community. They are also encouraged to provide students with a positive learning experience and any training necessary to ensure safety. Their signature is also required on the community involvement documents.

I am done my 40 what?

When your hours are complete, fill out the “Reporting of Hours” sheet and have it signed. This document MUST be signed by you, a parent/guardian (if you are under 18), and the volunteer supervisor. Simply return the completed form to Student Services so the hours can be documented.

Eligible vs. Ineligible Volunteer Activities

ELIGIBLE - an event/activity/program:

  • Designed to be beneficial to the community
  • To support not-for-profit agencies, institutions, or foundations
  • Structured to promote tutoring, mentoring, visiting, coaching whose purpose is to assist others
  • That supports work of a global nature
  • That promotes environmental awareness
  • That promotes and contributes to the health and well-being of any group, including school-based activities
  • Affiliated with a club, religious organization, arts or cultural association, or political organization that seeks to make a positive contribution in the community

INELIGIBLE activities include:

  • Activities that displace paid workers
  • Activities where you are paid (ie; babysitting)
  • Experiential Learning (ie; co-op, job shadowing, work experience)
  • Required activities of a course where you earn a credit
  • Playing on a school sports team
  • Regular family responsibilities (ie; chores)
  • Court-ordered community service programs
  • Activities involving the operation of vehicles, power tools, or scaffolding
  • Activities where you might administer medication or medical procedure
  • Any student under 15 in a factory environment
  • Any student under 14 involved in any working environment (except health and residential care environments)
  • Activities involving banking, securities, or other valuables
  • Activities that take place during time allotted for instructional program on a school day
  • Any activity that provides direct financial revenue or gain to the student or to the student’s immediate family
  • Any association with an organization, or activity that does not comply with the policies, procedures and regulations of the Ministry of Education, Human Rights Legislation, and the Grand Erie District School Board
  • An Activity that takes place during the time allotted for the instructional program on a school day. However, an activity that takes place during the student’s lunch break, or ‘spare’ period is permissible