The Mathematics Department at S.C.S. provides students with a wide range of choices that address all levels of ability. We are enthusiastic about providing exceptional, cutting-edge instruction, delivered by highly qualified teachers. Each math teacher has been educated in a mathematics related field, ranging from pure math to engineering to computer science which makes us well-equipped to help students gain a deeper understanding of concepts and prepare them for their future.

Here at S.C.S., we are dedicated to the success of students. As experts in our field, we have developed excellent diagnostic tools which ensure that each student has chosen the level appropriate to their ability, and we are able to counsel students into a level where they will experience the most success. Also, to encourage attainment of credits for students that struggle, we provided a test rewrite policy which gives each student the chance to pass every test, and we offer daily lunch-time math help, which is supervised by teachers in the department who eagerly volunteer their time. All math students are given every opportunity to achieve.

Through a Grand Erie technology initiative and the commitment of administration and teachers to providing innovative instruction, each mathematics classroom has been equipped with a SMART Board and a set of tablets. This acquisition has allowed us to introduce a wide variety of dynamic, interactive learning opportunities which helps support student engagement and student learning. We are able to address different learning styles and help students gain new skills and problem solving strategies.

There are also extracurricular opportunities in mathematics for our students. Each year, several of our top students from all grades (including students in Gr. 8 from our feeder schools) have volunteered to prepare and write the internationally recognized Waterloo Mathematics Competition. In the past, our students have done very well on this highly challenging test. We are very pleased with our students’ achievements and look forward to celebrating your child’s achievements as well.


Department Head: Marlene Van De Wiele