The SCS Family Studies Department is a place of excitement, energy and practical skills. We offer many courses that cover all areas of human development and practical life skills. Starting in Grade 9 where we offer Exploring Family Studies a course that allows students to investigate subjects related to personal skills within a family context. This Open course allows students to experience some aspects of courses such as Fashion, Food and Nutrition and Parenting that are offered in grades 10 -12.

We are lucky at SCS to be one of the few schools that offers courses in Fashion in both grades 11 and 12. These hands-on, practical courses will help students learn the basics of sewing both by hand and machine. Excellent practical courses for students interested in pursuing fashion related programs or employment in their future.

The Family Studies department offers Food and Nutrition courses in each grade from 10 – 12 with a focus on Food and Culture in grade 11. Besides offering many opportunities to cook everyday and exotic multi-cultural recipes, our focus on food and kitchen safety will be skills students can use throughout their lives. Any student hoping to work in the food industry in their future will want to take these courses.

Parenting is one of our more popular courses that allows students the opportunity to take home a computerized model that simulates life with a new-born baby. This course also gives students the chance to interact with elementary aged students on a weekly basis. A terrific opportunity for those students thinking of pursuing a career related to children.

One of the new courses we offer is the grade 11 Gender Studies course which explores the social construction of gender while analyzing a range of gender equity issues. In our Social Studies courses we offer An Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology which is an excellent introduction to further studies in those areas within the grade 11 and 12 options. World Religions and Philosophy: Questions and Theories round out our Social Studies Department.


Head of Family Studies Department:

Amanda Vincent