Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) or Supplementary Essays

Personal Statement of Experience or Supplementary Essays may be required when applying for school, for scholarships or for employment.

Use this outline to work on any supplemental requirements and/or for reference letters you may require:

Paragraph #1. List any Award or Distinction that you have earned in the last four years. Please indicate if each is a High School, Community, or Other Award/Distinction, and briefly explain the criteria for the awards. Please also include the year the award/distinction was received.

Paragraph #2. Identify any extracurricular activities and the total number of hours you devoted (or expect to devote) to each. Please include the positions held and whether each is a High School, Community or Other activity. Activities are valued equally and may include, but are not limited to, the arts, athletics, hobbies, volunteerism, and religious, social, farm and/or household responsibilities.

Paragraph #3. List any full- or part-time paid or unpaid employment you have had in the last four years. Please indicate the approximate number of hours you worked each week and the number of year(s) you held the job and describe the impact of this experience and the greatest learning outcome for you.

Paragraph# 4. Describe your post-secondary plans/goals (ie: Apprenticeship, College, University, World of Work, Mission work or Volunteerism).

Reference Letters: When asking someone to be your reference they must include their name and contact information (ie. Principal, guidance counselor, teacher, coach etc.) Please obtain consent from the reference before including his or her name. They must have first-hand knowledge of a specific activity, job, or award, you received. Typically reference letters are submitted on official letterhead for the company/organization. You should give your references at least two weeks to write your reference letters!