Welcome to McKinnon Park's Arts Department!

Are You.......

  • Creative?
  • Dramatic?
  • A Good Problem Solver?
  • Musically Inclined?

Do You.......

  • Have an eye for design?
  • Love Performing?
  • Sing/Play an Instrument?
  • Love Anime?
  • Like Taking Pictures?
  • Want to Learn to Animate, Draw, Paint, Sculpt, Design, Carve?
  • Play Guitar or want to learn how?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you belong in the arts!!!

Whether you want to further develop your skills, or just want to learn how, we have the right course for you!

We offer Visual Arts, media arts, photography, expressing aboriginal cultures, guitar, instrumental music and drama.



The English Department has been working hard in the junior grades to prepare students for the OSSLT and to provide them with the skills and experiences that they need to excel when they enter the senior level English Courses.

The English Department is also proud to be piloting new textbooks in the Grade 9 and 10 applied English courses. The Department selected stories, plays, essays, and poetry that we believe are reflective of our students and their interests. These textbooks will hopefully engage these students in the classes and offer them a chance to see their interests and beliefs in the literature they are studying.

Our senior courses continue to challenge our students and prepare them for their eventual entry into either the workplace, college, or university. Students are challenged with both classic and contemporary literature and use these texts as the foundation for deeper explorations of themselves and the world that is around them.

All students are encouraged to check the postings that are outside of the room 2011 to see the latest writing contests and opportunities.


The History and Social Science Department offers a variety of courses as options for students, from world history to economics, from law to philosophy, from sociology to parenting.

Visit the History and Social Science Department's website for course offerings and resources.

MPSS History & Social Science Department


The Languages Department continues to offer students various levels of study in both Cayuga and French. These classes extend and develop the students' understanding of the languages and focus on both written and oral communication.

Students are reminded that senior French courses are offered based on demand and may not be offered every year. If you want to take a senior French course, make sure that you select it on your option sheet.



A variety of unique opportunities for students exist in Health & Physical Education. Grade 9 & 10 Hockey Canada Skills Academy courses focus on developing an individual’s skill so that they are able to perform better on their own hockey teams. Students have at least 32 on ice sessions as well as off ice training.

Gr. 11 Female fitness classes work in a group setting with more focus on fitness and individual games & activities.

Traditional courses in grades 9-12 focus on movement skill development, fitness & participation in a fun setting.

Spec Ed

All children have individual learning needs, but some children have exceptional learning needs. And to reach their earning potential, they may need additional resources.

Physical devices and supports for accessible learning, support devices delivered in the school to better accommodate learning, changes to the curriculum, and a change in learning environments and classroom settings are some of the many resources available certain students.

It is the policy of the Grand Erie District School Board that special education services within the Board are guided by the following principles:

  1. Public education is group education.
  2. The diversity of our student population is valued and informs programs and delivery.
  3. Fostering an inclusive culture schools is paramount.
  4. Educational resources are allocated to reach educational goals.
  5. Resources are organized to support the classroom teacher.
  6. The classroom teacher is the greatest resource in the education system.
  7. Placement options are guided by least restrictive/most enabling environments for learning.