The English Department has been working hard in the junior grades to prepare students for the OSSLT and to provide them with the skills and experiences that they need to excel when they enter the senior level English Courses.

We continue to offer students a variety of tasks that allow them to demonstrate their skills in a many different ways. Many of our teachers use Brightspace which is an online learning platform that allows students to learn outside of the confines of the classroom without physically leaving it. This blended learning model allows students to receive in-class instruction and then apply it in a variety of digital contexts.

Our senior courses continue to challenge our students and prepare them for their eventual entry into either the workplace, college, or university. Students are challenged with both classic and contemporary literature and use these texts as the foundation for deeper explorations of themselves and the world that is around them.

All students are encouraged to check the postings that are outside of the room 2011 to see the latest writing contests and opportunities.