Special Education

All children have individual learning needs, but some children have exceptional learning needs. And to reach their earning potential, they may need additional resources.

Physical devices and supports for accessible learning, support devices delivered in the school to better accommodate learning, changes to the curriculum, and a change in learning environments and classroom settings are some of the many resources available certain students.

It is the policy of the Grand Erie District School Board that special education services within the Board are guided by the following principles:

  1. Public education is group education.
  2. The diversity of our student population is valued and informs programs and delivery.
  3. Fostering an inclusive culture schools is paramount.
  4. Educational resources are allocated to reach educational goals.
  5. Resources are organized to support the classroom teacher.
  6. The classroom teacher is the greatest resource in the education system.
  7. Placement options are guided by least restrictive/most enabling environments for learning.