Principal's Corner

John Della Fortuna



John Della Fortuna.PNG                        Go Wolves Go  

I am so happy and proud to be the new principal of Waterford District High School. Already in my short time here I have seen the wonderful things this community and school has to offer. Starting with the students who seem so happy to arrive at school each day, to the staff who clearly care so much about making this school a safe and happy place for those students. The passion I see from coaches and community members, wanting each person here to find something that makes them realize their potential, is amazing.

It is so exciting to see extra curriculars starting back up after a long 18 months. Jumping right into it, is the football team, the Robotics club that is unique to WDHS, Girls Basketball, Boys Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, and so much more. Please parents and students reach out to us to find a way to get involved.

It is exciting to already see our school growing as we continue to develop and find ways to serve students to enter the world in a competitive and advantageous way. It is my belief that WDHS is uniquely positioned to do this. A growing, vibrant, and engaged community that is eager to show what it can do to provide opportunities to its members, while at the same time keeping community and family first.


Waterford District High School has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You are an important part of that environment. We welcome you whether you are just joining us for the first time or if you are a returning Wolf. We pride ourselves in the many opportunities available for you to get involved with school life. Please consider joining a team, club or committee. Your involvement enriches your school experience and benefits our community.


WDHS was first established in 1892

·         Our school colours are white (W), heliotrope (H) and scarlet (S)

·         Our mascot is a wolf named ‘Wolfie’

·         We attract students from Brant, Norfolk and Haldimand

·         We value tradition and continue to run important events, such as turkey dinners, staff versus student hockey games, and the much-loved Grad Skit

·         Our connection to the community is strong and ever growing