Dunnville Secondary School: A Community School

Dunnville Secondary School (DSS) is dedicated to providing a positive, inclusive, caring learning environment. Our solid academic programming, coupled with our extra-curricular activities, help us meet our goal of producing graduates who are responsible, respectful, and ready for post-secondary life, be that Work, Apprenticeship, College, or University.

DSS provides many opportunities for students to become involved in various activities, clubs, and teams. Examples of these include our various sports teams (ex., basketball, volleyball, badminton, cross-county running, Ultimate Frisbee, Track and Field, and soccer), Students’ Council, Allies, the Photography Club, and Relay for Life. We do our best to find something for everyone.

Throughout the school year, our Students’ Council builds community amongst our students through activities such as the Halloween Dance, Semi-Formal, the 12 Days of Christmas and Sugar Rush week. They also provide TV shows to watch at lunch in the cafeteria most Fridays.

Academic studies and the success of our students is paramount at Dunnville Secondary School. Our staff are consistently challenging our students to think about and apply curriculum concepts to higher levels. DSS staff are also continuously striving to integrate technology to assist student learning in pedagogically beneficial ways. If your child finds that they are in need of any academic assistance, teachers are available to assist with challenges throughout the day. If further tutoring, or a quiet area is needed, we have our Student Support Centre available. The Library has a computer lab and comfortable seating area where students can focus on their academic studies in a quiet, friendly environment.

We are Dunnville’s community school with a heart. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.


Geoff Stead
Dunnville Secondary School

905-774-7401 x730001