Playground Revitalization Project

Dear Paris Central Students and Families,

We’re excited to tell you that we are launching the second phase of the playground revitalization project.

Before we get to those details, here is a quick round-up of some of the major accomplishments in Phase One:

· New pavement courtesy of the GEDSB.

· A beautiful new sand play area with seven native trees near Broadway St. E. The snow fence, put in place to protect the new sod and trees, will be removed on THIS DATE.

· Five new native trees planted along the fence near Grand River St. paid for from a $3,000 grant from Tree Canada.

And here are the big things planned for Phase Two:

· A large outdoor classroom with armour stones for seating and new native trees for shade.

· A small native wildflower garden.

· A new soccer pitch.

· A new long jump pit that will double as a passive play space for students at recess.

The playground committee is starting to fundraise for Phase Two, and we are reaching out to local businesses for monetary donations or in-kind donations, such as basketball nets and soccer balls for gym and recess.

The attached brochure has more details about the playground project, information on how to donate and shows the official plan by landscape designer Jim McCracken, who has donated his time to our project.

We would love for you to show the brochure to family and friends. We are also looking for contacts at local businesses that may be interested in helping the playground project.

Please get in touch at with any suggestions or donations, big and small. As you know, every little bit helps.

The Playground Committee