• Director's Annual Report to the Community 2016-17

    Director's Annual Report to the Community 2016-17

    The 2016-17 school year was an important one for Grand Erie as the Board approved a new strategic direction to guide the work that the school board is doing. At the centre of Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan is Success for Every Student. Grand Erie will achieve Success for Every Student through a focus on students and staff in a culture of high expectations.

  • Kindergarten Registration

    Kindergarten Registration

    Time to start Kindergarten? Find all the information you need to register your child.

  • Grand Together: The People and Journeys that Define Grand Erie

    Grand Together: The People and Journeys that Define Grand Erie

    'Success for Every Student' wouldn't be possible without the dedicated staff members who work towards it every day.

  • Special Education

    Special Education

    Read the Special Education Plan and access the survey here.

  • Pink Shirt Day

    Pink Shirt Day

    On February 28, Grand Erie is going pink in support of Pink Shirt Day! Pink Shirt Day promotes awareness and understanding around the problem of bullying, and the shared commitment in finding solutions.

Throughout the month of February, Grand Erie schools are honouring Black History Month through events, presentations, and student-led programming as they examine the lessons and legacies – both locally and in a global context, applying what they learn to their lives today.
Students at École Dufferin are adding yoga to their sets of tools to deal with stress, and thanks to a Parent Reaching Out grant, the whole family is learning and benefiting from the mind-body practice.
​They say it takes a village to raise a child, and at Oakland-Scotland Public School, community partnerships are playing an important role in Success for Every Student.

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  • Achievement


    We will set high expectations for our students and staff. We will monitor, measure and reflect on our outcomes.


    • Increase staff understanding of effective instruction and assessment in literacy and numeracy.
    • Increase student understanding of effective learning strategies and how to use them.
  • Well-Being


    We will create environments that are healthy and the recognize the well-being of mind, body, emotion, and spirit of students and staff.


    • Staff, students, and parents will promote health and well-being and will know how to access supports when needed
    • Create and promote an enabling environment where all students can participate fully in their education
    • Accessible work sites and programs will be available to students, staff, and families
  • Community


    We will foster and celebrate inclusive school communities to enhance the learning experiences of all students.


    • Facilitate opportunities for the use of strategies to encourage and support family involvement in our schools and learning at home
    • Develop a process to formally integrate and celebrate the partners whose contributions enhance the learning experiences of our students
  • Technology


    We will provide secure and reliable learning environments that will allow students and staff to use technology in an effective and seamless manner.


    • Provide an up-to-date technology infrastructure that meets the needs of classrooms, administration, and departments
    • Optimize our data systems to ensure that information is accurate, reliable and easily accessible
    • Increase staff knowledge of the technology available for teaching, learning, and workplace applications
    • Develop measurements to better understand the impact of the Educational Technology Initiative on staff and student learning
  • Equity


    We will promote practices that help students, families, and staff feel safe, welcomed, and included.


    • Decrease the incidence of bullying among students
    • Increase the sense of belonging among students
  • Environment


    We will ensure that students and staff have a safe and welcoming environment in which to learn and work.


    • Ensure continuity of services and programs
    • Improve energy and environmental conservation at all sites
    • Make the best use of space in schools
    • Create learning spaces to reflect current teaching and learning needs
    • Build a culture of care and respect in all schools and workplaces