• Grand Together: The People and Journeys that Define Grand Erie

    Grand Together: The People and Journeys that Define Grand Erie

    'Success for Every Student' wouldn't be possible without the dedicated staff members who work towards it every day.

  • A Grand First Day of School

    A Grand First Day of School

    Success for Every Student unites schools across Grand Erie

  • Student Recognition

    Student Recognition

    Recognizing student achievement in academics, athletics, community, and the arts

The students at Burford District Elementary School have some new spaces in which to play and learn. These spaces are redefining the traditional classroom to promote community and environmental awareness.
Indigenous student leaders from eight Grand Erie secondary schools came together to start the important work of sharing ideas and setting goals.
Delhi Public School is proud to be a certified Gold EcoSchool, and is continuing its efforts to maintain this environmental awareness in its activities throughout the year.
This fall marked the seventh annual Friday Night Lights football game for Delhi District Secondary School, a sporting event which has become must-attend for so many in the Norfolk area, and a highlight on the school’s yearly calendar.
Grade 6 students at Walter Gretzky Elementary brainstorm ways to have global impact amidst news reports of hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires around the world.
October is Child Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario. It provides an important opportunity to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect in an effort to end violence in the lives of children and youth.

  • Achievement


    We will set high expectations for our students and staff. We will monitor, measure and reflect on our outcomes.


    • Increase staff understanding of effective instruction and assessment in literacy and numeracy.
    • Increase student understanding of effective learning strategies and how to use them.
  • Camp Sail

    Camp Sail

    A number of Grand Erie elementary schools hosted Camp SAIL this past month, designed to build on math and literacy skills over the summer break. True to the spirit of summer adventures in learning, Grand Erie students have been getting into the educational mindset, playing engaging math games and activities, including a focus on numeracy and technology. Camp SAIL provides a great opportunity for elementary students to have fun and learn at the same time, while also preparing them for the new school year by boosting skills in the vital areas of literacy and numeracy.

    Check out the hashtag #GECampSail2017 on Twitter for cool pictures and videos, and stay tuned next year for information on how to register for Camp SAIL 2018.