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Balanced School Day Nutritional Breaks & Dismissal Times

First Bell........................................................................9:00 A.M.

At 8:45 daily, teachers meet the school buses and begin supervising the playground. Students are unsupervised prior to that time and should not be on the playground.

First Nutrition Break .............................10:40 A.M. - 11:20 A.M.

Second Nutrition Break .............................1:00 P.M. - 1:40 P.M.

End of School Day & Dismissal ..................................3:20 P.M.

We Have a Balanced Day Timetable

The “Balanced School Day” timetable divides the school day into three blocks of instructional time. To facilitate a comprehensive literacy program, the first block is 100 minutes. The second teaching block is 100 minutes and the third block is 100 minutes. Two nutrition breaks are provided, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each of our nutrition breaks is 40 minutes long broken up into a 20 minute eating time and a 20 minute time to play outdoors.

Your child will need to bring two small nutritious lunches to eat during the two twenty minute nutrition breaks. For younger children it may be helpful to label the lunches as “one” and “two”.

Peanut / Tree Nut Allergy – A Reminder

Students with severe peanut / nut allergies are in danger of a life threatening reaction if exposed to peanuts or other types of nuts or nut products. In some cases just the peanut/nut oil left on a chair or desk can trigger a reaction.

We appreciate the co-operation of all families in keeping peanut / nut products out of the school. We ask for your support by voluntarily avoiding:

  • Peanuts or nuts in any form,
  • Peanut/nut butter,
  • Peanut/nut oil,
  • Baked items containing peanut products or nut products.
  • Foods cooked in peanut or nut oils such as home-style potato chips.


Accepting responsibility for being punctual is an important life skill. Students are expected to arrive promptly for school. Late students interrupt classes, distract others and often miss routines and announcements.

If your child will be late for school, please call our secretary (519-442-4163) in advance. Students, who arrive late for any reason, should enter through the front door, and report to the office to fill out a late slip, before going to class.


If your child will be absent please phone the school (519-442-4163) prior to the absence. You do not have to wait until office hours to inform us as we do have voicemail. If you leave a message please remember to tell us your child’s name, your child’s teacher’s name and the reason for the absence. Regular attendance is necessary if a student is to achieve satisfactory progress in school. Please have your child get a late slip at the office if they arrive at the school after 9:00 a. m..

Illnesses or family emergencies occasionally prevent a child from attending school. To ensure a full recovery and to avoid spreading germs to others, we respectfully request that parents keep children at home until they are feeling well enough to participate fully in all school activities. Under normal circumstances, children who are well enough to attend school are expected to participate in outdoor play.

If a student will be absent for longer than fifteen days for reasons other than illness, parents are asked to fill out our School Board’s Request for Temporary Absence form which can be obtained from the school office.


An illness or an injury can happen at any time and our first concern is to give immediate attention to the student. If the injury is minor, the student receives first aid and when ready, returns to class. Parents will be contacted to pick up a student who is not feeling well enough to participate in the classroom program.

For serious injuries, emergency personnel will be called and parents will be notified immediately. If a child is in distress, an ambulance will be called. Parents will be responsible for the cost of the ambulance. This emphasizes the importance of accurate and current information being kept on file at the office. Notify the office as soon as possible if there are any changes such as telephone numbers, employment, emergency contacts or guardianship.

Fire drills and lock-down drills are held regularly. A variety of reasons may necessitate the immediate evacuation of a school at any time. If circumstances warrant the evacuation of the school, students will remain safely at St. Paul’s United Church.

It is imperative that students wear shoes while at school. Leaving an extra pair of shoes at school is required. In an emergency dismissal, there may not be sufficient time for students to put on boots and coats.

Inclement Weather

On days when weather is unsuitable for outdoor activity, we advise walking students to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the entry bell and go directly to the mud room or their classrooms.

Students benefit from active play outdoors and should come dressed appropriately for a variety of weather conditions. In case of rain, freezing rain or extreme cold, students will have their break indoors.

In extreme weather conditions, parents should listen to CKPC 1380 AM, CKPC 92.1 FM, CHAM 820 AM Hamilton, CHML 900 AM Hamilton, CKOC 1150 AM Hamilton, 102.9 FM Hamilton, 107.9 or Y108 FM Hamilton early in the morning for announcements regarding the delay or cancellation of bus transportation. You may also check the board’s website at www.granderie.ca for information about cancellations due to the weather. If at all possible, the decision to cancel buses will be made prior to 6:30 A.M.

The radio announcement and the website will refer to specific school zones. We are zone 3. Please note that if the buses are cancelled then the school will be closed to all teachers, students and custodial staff. Please do not send your child to school if the buses for zone 3 have been cancelled. If at any time, parents feel that the weather conditions are too dangerous to send their child to school, parents always have the option of keeping the child home.

In the event that weather conditions deteriorate after school has started in the morning, regular afternoon bus schedules may commence earlier than normal. Should the School Board decide to dismiss students early, a phone fan-out system is used to notify parents. If a parent cannot be notified that the child is coming home early, the child will be kept at school until a parent or guardian comes to pick the child up.

Nutrition Breaks

During both nutrition breaks, students eat in their classrooms and are supervised by staff.

A Lunch Permission Form must be submitted to the office in September, which states where your child has permission to be during the second nutrition break. All students are expected to remain at school during the first nutrition break.

If a student who usually stays at school during the second nutrition break plans to go to a friend’s home or an alternate location, the student is required to give the classroom teacher a note from their parents advising of the change in routine. In this way, both the parents and school staff are aware of where the student will be during the nutrition break. If a note is not received, your child will not be allowed to leave school property.

Students who remain at school during lunch breaks should be aware of our positive expectations with regard to behaviour at school, as well as our recycling and clean-up rules.

If you have given your child permission to leave the school property during the second nutrition break, you are responsible for your child’s actions at this time. Please discuss responsible behaviour with your child.

Lunch Time Expectations

  1. Remain seated in your own seat in your own classroom until dismissed.
  2. Eat your own food. Do not trade as someone might have an allergy to your food.
  3. Put your lunch pails and garbage away when the supervisor dismisses the class at the end of the eating time.
  4. When you are dismissed for outdoor play, leave right away and use the assigned door.
  5. Use the crosswalk if you have a parent's permission to leave at the second break.
  6. Eat your food inside. No food or beverages should be on the playground.
  7. For safety reasons, students must not use electrical appliances.
  8. Remember our agreement of "Mutual Respect."


Volunteers contribute greatly to our school. They offer a variety of talents and skills to our students and are a most valued resource for our staff.

We appreciate the many parents and members of our community who help in the classroom, accompany students on class trips, prepare learning materials, organize special events, publish students’ books, listen to children read …. The list is endless!

If you are available to help in any way, please express your interest to your child’s teacher. No experience is necessary! Time commitments and volunteer assignments can be negotiated. All volunteers are required to have a criminal record check, which includes a vulnerable sector check, prior to working in the school. Forms and letters can be obtained from the Secretary. There is no fee associated with this service by the OPP and the police check is valid for two years.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

A “Volunteer Code of Conduct” has been prepared to protect students, staff and volunteers. School volunteers are asked to read and abide by the following rules while in our school:

  1. Upon arrival, please report to the office to sign in and to obtain an identification badge to wear,
  2. Refrain from public criticism of the school, staff, students and other volunteers,
  3. Speak and act in a professional manner while in the school,
  4. Keep the interest of the students in mind while performing your volunteer duties,
  5. Respect the confidentiality and privacy of students, staff and other volunteers,
  6. When dealing with students, if a situation arises that is beyond your scope as a volunteer, please involve the student’s teacher or the principal,
  7. Be aware of the procedures for accident, illness or emergencies,
  8. Sign our confidentiality agreement, which will be kept on file at the office.

At Paris Central, we value the support and contributions of many enthusiastic volunteers. Your family is invited and encouraged to participate.

Transportation by Volunteers

We appreciate the many parent volunteers who provide transportation for our students who are on sports teams. It is the requirement of the Grand Erie District School Board that volunteer drivers have a minimum of $2,000,000 public liability and property damage insurance and hold a valid Ontario driver’s licence.

The Board has prepared a declaration form that must be completed and filed in the school office before a volunteer is permitted to transport students. This form needs to be completed only once during the school year. Please notify us of any subsequent change to your coverage. All volunteers working at the school, including volunteer drivers require a police record check as required by Board Policy.

Picking Up Your Child During School

If your pick up routine has changed or if you wish your child to be excused from school early you must send a note to the classroom teacher. It is preferable that parents do not call the school office to make this request as instructions can easily be confused or we may not be able to get your message communicated to your child in a timely fashion.

When picking up your child from school for an appointment, you must report to the office and have the secretary arrange for your child to be brought to you. This helps ensure proper safety and tracking for all our students in the school.

Children leaving in the middle of the day must sign out at the office (parents may sign out a younger child) and sign back in at the office when they return.

Children leaving and returning in the middle of the day must leave and return via the front doors of the school.

A note must be sent if you wish someone other than those listed on your “Emergency Contact Form” to pick up your child from school. A phone call will not suffice, as it is impossible to identify the caller.

Please, under no circumstances, should you remove your child from the playground without notifying the person on duty and signing your child out at the office.

Crossing Guards and Bus Patrols

Our dedicated Crossing Guards are on duty 8:30 A.M. – 9:00 A.M. and 3:15 P.M. - 3:45 P.M. Children are encouraged to cross with the Crossing Guard whenever crossing the street. All students must obey the instructions of all Crossing Guards.


All students should enter the school through their assigned entrance with the following exceptions:

  • Students should enter through the front door when a late slip is required;
  • Students returning from an appointment should enter through the front door and sign in at the office.
  • Students arriving on the bus during inclement weather conditions should enter through the front doors and go directly to class.

In order to track visitors in and out of the school and still ensure student safety, all of our doors will be locked throughout the school day.

Our front door is equipped with a buzzer and surveillance camera. If you wish to come in please ring the buzzer and wait for the secretary to release the lock. All visitors are required to visit the office to sign in and to get visitor identification.

Pets on School Property

Even the friendliest of dogs can jump up on a child or bite if they feel threatened by a large group of children. As some students have a fear of pets and other children have allergies, we ask parents to respect students’ basic right to a safe school ground free from fear or unnecessary danger by not bringing their pets onto school property.

Administration of Medication

The Grand Erie District School Board procedures require that the doctor authorizing the administration of medication at school sign a Request For School Assistance In Health Care form. The form must include the name of the drug, the students name, the dosage, the time it should be administered and the reason for the medication. Please request this form from the school office if your child will be receiving medication during school hours.

Medication is kept in a locked cabinet in the school office and administered by staff. All medication must be brought to school in a pharmacist’s container and clearly labelled with the name of the patient and the name of the drug. It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that medications, such as inhalers or Epi-pens have not expired and that we have a sufficient supply.

School personnel cannot administer non-prescription medication, including Tylenol or cough syrup. For obvious safety reasons, students must not keep any medication in their desks, lockers or knapsacks.

Bicycles, Roller Blades, Scooters, Skateboards and “Heelies”

Parents who give permission for their child to ride a bike to school are encouraged to review the traffic safety rules with their child. Storage racks are provided for bicycles on the playground, however the school cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to a bicycle. It is strongly recommended that students lock up their bicycles with a combination lock as keys can be lost. Remember that the law requires children to wear a CSA approved helmet. Bicycles cannot be brought into the school for storage.

If students ride their bicycles to school they must dismount and walk their bike on school property. For obvious safety reasons and in keeping with our “no wheels” playground policy, roller blades, skateboards, scooters and “heelies” (shoes with wheels in the heel) are not permitted on school property or on school buses.


Use of the school office telephone by a student is limited to important circumstances and a staff member must give approval. The school phone cannot be used to make social arrangements.

We encourage families to make arrangements for after school activities, babysitting or transportation in advance, so that the school does not need to be contacted to relay such plans.

Although we do not encourage students to bring cell phones to school, we do appreciate their use for safety reasons when students are traveling to and from school. While on school property cell phones (or other electronic equipment) must be turned off and kept out of sight. Electronic devices are not allowed in the washrooms or gym change rooms. The school will not take responsibility for lost or stolen cell phones.

Dress Code

Clothing, hats and jewellery with inappropriate words, pictures, and graphics are unacceptable. Examples include; references to alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, promotion of drug use, profane or inappropriate language, sexual or violent language, harassment, discrimination or the defiance of authority.

Students are expected to be prepared for vigorous physical activity wearing the following items to physical education classes:

  • Tops: t-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Bottoms: gym shorts or sweat pants
  • Shoes: running, court or cross-training shoes that will not leave black marks
  • Jewellery: not permitted for gym

It is unacceptable for students to wear revealing clothing (for example: bottoms, midriffs, chests) and undergarments must not be visible at any time. No see-through or mesh clothing. Clothing should not be so tight as to restrict movement. Intentional or unintentional tears, rips, or holes in clothing must meet the guidelines regarding skin and undergarment exposure.


  • Grade K-3; spaghetti straps are permissible
  • Grade 4-8; straps must be 2-fingers wide with no underwear showing
  • no low-cut necklines


  • shorts and skirts must be long enough to ensure no undergarments or private body parts are exposed.
  • slits must meet the same criteria

Accessories: any accessory that is studded, spiked, contains chains or in any way presents a potential danger to self or others is prohibited

Hats, caps or other head coverings may not be worn inside the school, with the exception of religious reasons, at the direction of a medical practitioner, or on special designated spirit days.

The staff at Paris Central will apply these dress expectations consistently and will make the final judgment about inappropriate student dress, in consultation with the principal.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found Boxes are located on each floor of the school. You are urged to check them often! Items remaining in the collection at the end of each term are donated to a local charity.

School Newsletter

We want you to be informed of the programs and many activities occurring at our school. Our Newsletters will be posted on the school website at: www.granderie.ca/pariscentral. They are also available via email or paper. You will be asked your preference in September.

In addition, teachers prepare a monthly calendar and / or classroom newsletter which will also be posted on the school website. Please take time to review this information with your child.

Our Discipline Process

A problem-solving process will be followed when students do not follow school and classroom rules. Students will be treated fairly and given an opportunity to explain their point of view. The problem will be identified and solutions will be discussed. Consequences will be in accordance with the severity of the situation.

A student problem-solving sheet (Reflection Sheet) will be sent home with each incident. Parents are asked to discuss the incident with their child, sign the form and send it back to the school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Principal, Sharon Lytle at 519 442-4163.

Code of Conduct and Rules

Click to download a printable copy of the Paris Central Code of Conduct.

Click to download and view a PowerPoint of the Paris Central School Rules.

Office Hours

Merilyn Nicholas, our Secretary, is available from 8:45 - 3:45 p.m. Phone messages before and after office hours are recorded on an answering machine.

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