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School Nurses

Hours of Operation:

Brenda - Tuesdays 8:45am – 1:00pm

Laura – Wednesdays 9:00am – 3:00pm

(Hours are based on Availability of PHN and or by Request or Appointments made in advance)

How to sign-up
– Have a staff person in the Guidance Office print your name on the sheet in the nurse folder. You will be called out of class to guidance and then redirected to the Nurse’s office when that nurse is in.

free condoms and lube are always available when the office door is open

Brenda Shiell RN BScN – Public Health Nurse

Provides pregnancy testing and options discussion, STI screening as well as prescribing/ dispensing of Plan B and some birth control on a case-by-case basis. Birth control options discussion and information, questions or concerns around gender, sexuality and sexual wellness as well as any other questions or concerns are welcome. Students can self-refer or be referred by a Guidance Counsellor or Administrative Staff.

Laura Fretz RN BScN – Public Health Nurse

Provides comprehensive school health education and support to; Administration, Teachers, Students and their Parents and or Care providers. Provide health promotion and prevention strategies for the school community by fulfilling teacher requests for guest speaking in classrooms, meeting with GEDSB Support Providers; Attendance Councilors, MSW, CYW, Guidance Counsellors. Meet with students, parents or Teaching Staff one to one. Students may be referred by themselves or by a Guidance Counsellor or Administration Staff. Provide health teaching and support and connection with health service providers as appropriate.