Learning Resource

Questions or concerns about students on IEPs and their progress may be directed to Ms. Nicola Dean or Mrs. Bonnie Currie in person or by email. The IEP list is distributed at the beginning of each semester which lists all student names and their exceptionality, their LRT and whether the student has a SEA laptop.

How does the Learning Resource Room help?

  • academic support;
  • separate location for work;
  • separate location to write tests;
  • access to computers;
  • study carrels;
  • stand up desk;
  • headphones;
  • audiobooks;
  • study strategies;
  • time management and organization skills;
  • self-advocacy skills.

Our room is also available at lunch and after school for extra help.

Learning Resource

Questions or concerns about students and their progress who are not on IEPs may be directed to our Student Success teacher, Mrs. Bonnie Currie in person or by email. Student Success also assists students with test writing strategies, studying, time management, organization and self-advocacy tips.

Feel free to contact Ms. Dean or Mrs. Currie if you have questions or concerns. We are here to help!

Assistive Technology For All

Assistive Technology is available to all Grand Erie students:

Kurzweil is a text-to-speech program to assist students with their reading, writing and organization of ideas and is available to all Grand Erie students. If you would like to access Kurzweil from home, click on the link below. Kurzweil requires a password different from your computer login. Forget your login? See Mrs. Currie or Ms. Dean in the Learning Resource Room for help.

-To register for Kurzweil, click on the following link: https://goo.gl/vdYDFV

-The URL for educATe is: http://www.educateatbridges.com/

-Follow the link for a video overview: http://www.bridges-canada.com/educATe/about.aspx

    Other Helpful Tools:

    • Microsoft OneNote - Learning Tools/Dictate
      • free
      • available through your Office365 account
      • speech-to-text
    • VoiceNote II - Free Google App
      • speech to Text
      • change colour backgrounds (helpful for students with Dyslexia)
      • saves as a notepad
    • Speakit! - Google free app
      • text-to-speech

    Learning Resource Team

    Nicola Dean - Learning Resource Teacher

    Bonnie Currie - Student Success Teacher

    Sue Whittaker - Educational Assistant

    Diane Maslin - Educational Assistant

    Important Documents & Links

    IPRC Process Info Pamphlet - Click Here