Special Education

Self-Contained Classes

Tollgate Tech is the home of 6 system level self-contained classes. Students in our Autism (ASD), Developmentally Delayed (DD) and Mixed Exceptionality (ME) classes enjoy the benefits of personalized programming in Life Skills classes. Tollgate is proud to offer partial integration opportunities to students who are in self-contained classes but demonstrate a level of interest or academic aptitude. Our classroom teachers and Educational Assistants are warm, friendly and knowledgeable.

Students working Toward Diploma

Most students at Tollgate Tech will be successful if they attend regularly, focus on lessons and complete assigned tasks to the best of their ability.

A number of students in our mainstream credit-bearing courses require extra support to succeed due to learning and behavioural challenges. Student needs are met through differentiated instruction, learning and assessment accommodations, a caring staff and the support of our Learning Resource Teachers.

The Resource Room

The Resource Room is open to exceptional students who require a quiet and safe space to work independently or access assistive technology. An LRT is available to assist students with their daily learning needs. Students can also complete evaluations in Resource with accommodations as outlined in the Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Students identified as “exceptional” have an Individual Education Plan. These plans are “living documents” that change according to a student’s needs. The Learning Resource Teacher is responsible for updating, maintaining and sharing plans with teachers. Classroom teachers are responsible for implementing the suggested accommodations.

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