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    Princess Elizabeth’s gymnasium before renovations.

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    Princess Elizabeth’s gymnasium after renovations.

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    Princess Elizabeth’s upgraded front entrance.

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    Princess Elizabeth’s fresh wall art, matching the school’s colours and logo.

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    Structural improvements at Seneca with a focus on the main entrance door, masonry and archway stone.

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    Seneca’s upgraded AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) compliant entrance.

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    Seneca’s new living feature wall.

School Upgrades Make Way for Optimized Learning

THURSDAY, FEB. 2, 2023


rand Erie just wrapped up its latest school modernization projects, featuring Princess Elizabeth and Seneca Central Public Schools. Both schools received a diverse set of improvements, from interior revamps to exterior overhauls to inspire students and staff alike. 

In late 2021, Grand Erie enacted a plan to renovate the gymnasium, front entrance and corridors at Princess Elizabeth Public School. With the help of an interior design consultant, a path forward was drawn to brighten and refresh the facility. New trophy cases, cork boards and doors enhance the corridor, along with some fresh paint to match the school’s logo. Decorative wood ceiling panels were also installed over the main entrance for a warm welcome to all who visit. 

"The kids are so excited about the gym. Kids and parents have all made positive comments."

Christine Bowerman


Outside, structural improvements focus on the door, masonry and archway stone. In the gymnasium, Grand Erie’s facilities team was hard at work installing new flooring, ceiling replacements and painting the walls. 

The aesthetic improvements alone induced a positive boost in morale of everyone in the building. "The kids are so excited about the gym. Kids and parents have all made positive comments,” shared Christine Bowerman, Early Childhood Educator at Princess Elizabeth Public School. 

Over at Seneca Central Public School, accessibility was the driving force, starting with a 400 square foot addition to the main entrance and office, complete with an AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) compliant entrance.

A primary and junior level class each received specific interior upgrades according to student needs, including sound attenuation to reduce transmission of excess noise, living feature walls to help with stress-relief and improved focus, upgraded HVAC, lighting, new finishes and millwork. 

The accessibility upgrades at Seneca Central Public School are part of a $1 million capital project as a prototype for Grand Erie’s Future Capital Upgrades Program. Director of Education JoAnna Roberto indicated that the goals of the Facilities Services team is focused on establishing physical and environmental standards across the system to increase the overall sense of belonging for all staff and students. Superintendent Wyszynski and his team has thus far completed one major school renovation and one minor school renovation based on modernized standards to support the needs of all learners.

Grand Erie is in the second year of its Multi-Year Strategic Plan, with learning and well-being at the forefront. These aesthetic and accessibility upgrades certainly contribute to a heightened sense of belonging. The improvements will support learning through added comfort, energy and improved focused in class.