Student Learning Support Days

FRIDAY, OCT. 27, 2023

Grand Erie secondary schools are hosting Student Learning Support Days again this year, scheduled for November 7, 2023, and April 16, 2024.

Student Learning Support Days are an opportunity for any student to get caught up on work or redo assignments to improve marks. There will be no regularly scheduled classes on these days.

All students are welcome to participate, and teachers will also recommend participation for those who could benefit most.

  • It’s an additional opportunity to demonstrate student learning with course material covered to date (e.g., conversations through student-teacher conferences)
  • It’s an opportunity to submit or complete work already assigned (no new assessments will be administered)
  • Students can plan with teachers for credit recovery or rescue for current courses

Student transportation will run as any other school day. Students on cooperative education placements may choose to continue to attend their work placements during Student Learning Support Days.