November News- Digital Contacts

Many educators have inquired about representing their school as a Digital Contact. As guided by the Learning Plan Leveraging Digital consultation from IBM K-12 Education Canada, at least one Digital Contact (formerly Digital Lead Learners) is recommended at each school as a voluntary support for:

  • the essential practices of triangulation of evidence and differentiated instruction
  • sharing the monthly Ed Tech newsletters with other educators in home schools
  • participation in three events (webinar, after school workshop, Ed Tech Event of choice)
  • forward sharing of new learning with educators through the Ed Tech Professional Learning Environment discussion groups.

Administrators will be asked to forward the name of a Digital Contact for their school to the Ed Tech team by December.

October News- Parent Portal Launch

A incremental launch of PowerSchool/Brightspace Parent Portal will be launched this fall at Elementary and Secondary schools across the district and be complete by Spring 2020.

Administrators will receive information from the ITS PowerSchool team to assist as they begin with the launch of the Parent Portal within their school community. Administrators will receive supporting information that explains the features of the Parent Portal to administrators, educators and parents/guardians.  

The Parent Portal is designed to help parents/guardians stay connected and involved with their child(ren)’s school experience. The Parent Portal provides parents with relevant information at both the school level and classroom level.

Brightspace is a secure, reliable feature of the Parent Portal where educators can provide to parents a window into the classroom.  The Ed Tech team will provide supports to educators interested in learning how to use the Brightspace feature of the Parent Portal.

Ed Tech and ITS are committed to supporting staff, students, and families through the transition to the Grand Erie Parent Portal.  As the use of learning technology continues to grow within our board, we look forward to the positive impact these tools will have on supporting communication, student achievement, and engaging students and their families in Grand Erie.

September News- Phase 10 Ed Tech Refresh

2019 - 2020

The focus of the Ed Tech device refresh for the 2019 - 2020 school year will be:

  • Starting fall 2019 a replacement of one third of all teacher-issued and classroom devices will begin with new leased HP devices, beginning with the oldest devices in use. This will be a 3 year project with 2019 being year 1.
  • This will be coordinated by the ITS Team

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