Putting Down Roots in Grand Erie

Several school playgrounds got a little leafier last week as Facility Services staff completed the planting of 100 trees across Grand Erie. 

Jarvis-Trees02.jpg“We focused on planting native species including Autumn Blaze maples, tulip trees, Eastern redbuds, and Red Sunset maples,” said Katie Hashimoto, Grand Erie’s Supervisor of Energy & Environmental Conservation. “This is going to help get students outside, provide shade for our schoolyards, provide habitats for wildlife, and it extends the learning environment to the outdoors.”

The outdoor learning funding that made the purchase of the trees possible will also see the installation of 100 armour stones, a hardscaping material ideal for sitting and playing. This will enhance outdoor classrooms with a permanent, low maintenance, natural feature. 

Jarvis-Trees03.jpgOver at Jarvis Public School, the tree planting itself provided a fun learning experience for younger students as they watched staff use heavy equipment and tools to complete the job. Now, they’ll be able to watch the trees grow, nurturing curiosity and connection to the outdoor environment. 

“Our Kindergarten friends really enjoy visiting the ‘special forest,’ so the new trees are a wonderful addition to our outdoor space,” said Megan Cowan, Kindergarten teacher at Jarvis Public School. “With more trees, we’ll be able to observe the changes that happen to them as the seasons change.”

Grand Erie’s multi-year strategic plan prioritizes building spaces that enhance learning, well-being and belonging to inspire each learner, and upgrades to outdoor spaces naturally foster focus, interest and a sense of environmental stewardship.

Photos by Grand Erie Communications.

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