Above: From left to right, SOAR program teachers Chad McClung and Mike Michaelides, student Carter Roung, Principal Griffin Cobb, and SOAR program teacher John Macdonald. Inset: Carter Roung on the golf course.

SOAR Program a Tee-riffic Experience for Student Golfer

Pauline Johnson Collegiate and Vocational School’s SOAR program is celebrating the recent accomplishment of one of its students: Grade 12 student Carter Roung is the recipient of an NCAA golf scholarship. 

“The SOAR program taught me perseverance and dedication to both health and school,” says Roung, who will be heading to Savannah College of Arts and Design in Georgia next year to complete a BFA while he continues to pursue the sport he loves and excels at. “It’s also taught me how to be a good citizen, student, and a gracious athlete.” 

SOAR is a unique secondary school program, dedicated to the training needs and academic achievement of student athletes. It’s a demanding program that includes personal fitness, health and nutrition, certifications, and mentorship, while providing students with the skills and attitude to enhance performance as they balance the athletic, academic, social/emotional, and family demands that elite-level athletes encounter.

“The goal of the SOAR program is to help individuals develop their full potential, not only athletically, but also as an upstanding member of the school community,” said Mike Michaelides, one of Roung’s teachers in the SOAR program. “Each year, Carter has developed in many aspects of his fitness level and sport-specific skills, and he’s also grown into a very mature and responsible young man who is genuine and empathetic.” 

As Roung’s achievement in the sport has increased over the years, so too have the demands on his time and energy. During the winter, he trains at least three days a week at the Ontario Golf Academy at Whistle Bear Golf Course, and in the warmer months, he trains every day. 

“Around that time, it gets harder to balance school, but having amazing teachers made it possible to get help whenever I needed it,” he says. “The teachers have made it possible for us to have a healthy balance in our lifestyles, and allowed us to achieve our goals.” 

Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan is committed to supporting student achievement, setting high expectations, and monitoring, measuring, and reflecting on outcomes. It also prioritizes well-being, providing enabling environments and access to support. The SOAR program exemplifies these goals, ensuring students can participate fully in their educations while promoting the health of mind, body, emotion, and spirit. 

Pauline Johnson Collegiate and Vocational School is holding a special information night for prospective student athletes interested in learning more about the opportunities. The information night is being held virtually via Microsoft Teams on Wednesday, December 9 at 7 p.m. Anyone interested can email Principal Griffin Cobb for more details. 

As Roung prepares to tee off into the future, he’s reflective of the achievements the last four years have provided. 

“I owe my success to the SOAR program.” 

Photos by Grand Erie Communications

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