It’s Ready, Set, Kindergarten as Grand Erie Gears Up for Registration Month

January is Kindergarten registration month, and Grand Erie District School Board is preparing to welcome a new class of young learners, with information ready for parents to assist them during the registration process. Parents of children who will be four years old by the end of 2020 will want to take note of deadlines and required documents to ensure a seamless start to their child’s schooling next September.

“Kindergarten classrooms across Grand Erie are vibrant, welcoming spaces where our youngest learners begin to build positive relationships, problem-solving skills, and a strong sense of themselves in the world,” said Linda De Vos, Superintendent of Education, responsible for the Elementary Program and Early Years. “Kindergarten is a time to explore, learn, and grow, and school staff look forward to welcoming families as we work to make this milestone a successful transition.”

Parents of soon-to-be Kindergarten students can visit Grand Erie’s website ( and click on the Kindergarten Registration banner or click this link for more information about the process. This includes finding their child’s home school, which documents are required for registration, information about transportation, community resources, and before- and after- school programs.

Kindergarten registration can be done online, with the process completed through a visit to your child’s school to verify documentation.

Parents interested in the French Immersion program have until February 7, 2020, to apply for a spot through a randomized selection process for new families. Student who currently have a sibling in the program are guaranteed a spot, but registration is still required.

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