Grand Erie Students to Fully Participate in Young Canada Day at the Norfolk County Fair on October 8


After hearing concerns raised from students and families in the past 24 hours about the Board’s involvement in Young Canada Day activities at the Norfolk County Fair, Grand Erie has made the decision to allow all field trips connected to Young Canada Day to proceed as originally planned. This includes staff supervision for the on-field activities.

“We’ve listened – to both our students and our families,” said Brenda Blancher, Director of Education. “We understand how important Young Canada Day is for our students and what a tradition it is for the community. As a result, we’re making an exception in this case so that all field trips to Young Canada Day can proceed and our students can fully participate. This includes decorations for the grandstands that students have spent weeks making and all of the on-field activities that they have been practicing for.”

On Thursday, all field trips scheduled for next week were cancelled by the Board in anticipation of a full withdrawal of services by CUPE members.

Grand Erie also announced today that should an agreement with CUPE not be reached before the imposed deadline of 12:01 a.m. on Monday (October 7), all Grand Erie schools will be closed to students for the duration of this escalated job action.

October 8 is a PA day for all Grand Erie students.

Photos by Grand Erie Communications

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