Grand Erie Schools Lauded for EcoSchools Efforts

Each year, schools across Grand Erie demonstrate admirable commitment and dedication towards environmental stewardship as they work to gain certification as an EcoSchool, and help make the planet a whole lot better in the process. The recognition through EcoSchools honours these achievements in environmental learning and action as students implement a variety of environmental initiatives within their schools. These efforts include waste-free lunches, implementing recycling programs, energy-conservation initiatives, butterfly gardens, and much more.

“Through ongoing efforts this past year, these schools have promoted environmental leadership and helped reduce their carbon footprints,” says Katie Hashimoto, Grand Erie’s Supervisor of Energy and Environmental Conservation. “We’re proud of students for taking action and fostering these efforts within their school communities.”

This year, all Grand Erie schools registered with the EcoSchools program will receive a special edition 2019-20 EcoSchools Canada seal. The 40 Grand Erie schools being recognized as certified EcoSchools for the 2019-20 school year are:


  • Agnes Hodge Public School
  • Banbury Heights School
  • Bloomsburg Public School
  • Boston Public School
  • Brier Park Public School
  • Caledonia Centennial Public School
  • Cedarland Public School
  • Centennial-Grand Woodlands School
  • Central Public School
  • Delhi Public School
  • École Confédération
  • Elgin Avenue Public School
  • Grandview Public School
  • Hagersville Elementary School
  • King George School
  • Lakewood Elementary School
  • Langton School
  • Lynndale Heights Public School
  • Mapleview Elementary School
  • Mt. Pleasant School
  • North Ward School
  • Oakland-Scotland Public School
  • Onondaga-Brant Public School
  • Paris Central Public School
  • Prince Charles Public School
  • Rainham Central School
  • River Heights School
  • Seneca Central Public School
  • St. George-German Pubic School
  • Teeterville Public School
  • Walsh Public School
  • Walter Gretzky Elementary
  • West Lynn Public School


  • Cayuga Secondary School
  • Dunnville Secondary School
  • Hagersville Secondary School
  • McKinnon Park Secondary School
  • Paris District High School
  • Pauline Johnson Collegiate & Vocational School
  • Waterford District High School

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