Banbury Heights Takes Learning Outside

The great outdoors offers educators and students an extension of the classroom in which to teach, learn, play, and be active. Banbury Heights School hosted Take Me Outside Day at the end of October, as a way to kickstart efforts utilizing the school grounds as an inspiring learning experience with its youngest students.

“Our Kindergarten team is always looking for ways to build on its outdoor education program, and Take Me Outside Day offers an extended time period to spend the whole school day taking advantage of the space we have,” said Michelle Gregory, Kindergarten Teacher at Banbury Heights. “It was a chance to utilize the Outdoor Classroom, connect with nature, and for teachers, there’s the opportunity to facilitate play and inquiry-based learning.”

Parents, guardians, and grandparents were also invited to share in the fun of the day, encouraging and supporting family involvement in students’ learning. Days such as Take Me Outside also make the best use of space in and outside schools by ensuring that schoolyards are active, well equipped spaces for today’s learning needs, echoed in Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan. The success of the day means staff and students will be planning further opportunities to take learning outside.

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