National Day of Mourning

April 28 is National Day of Mourning. On this day, we take a moment to remember and honour those who have been killed or injured on a work site.

Every year in Ontario and across Canada, men and women lose their lives on the job. Each death is a tragedy, and we join their loved ones, workers, and employers everywhere in a renewed commitment to be vigilant in preventing workplace injuries and fatalities, and to promote healthy and safe workplaces.

At Grand Erie, health and safety is a top priority. Our ongoing health and safety measures, whether they are pandemic-related, such as ensuring physical distancing and proper use of personal protective equipment, or general best practices, such as Grand Erie’s Health and Safety policy, cannot be overstated or overlooked. The continued focus on health and safety has helped to ensure we are well-prepared to respond to any potential situation in our schools, including the threat posed by COVID-19.

The board will continue to work with staff and students to take the steps necessary to ensure we are the healthiest, safest school board we can be. On today’s National Day of Mourning, we want to sincerely thank all our team members who have contributed to the health and safety of our schools.

We invite everyone to pause today to remember those who lost their lives at work.

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