Student Trustees Ready to be Voice of Fellow Students

Three secondary school students stand in front of Grand Erie logo

Grand Erie is thrilled to welcome Student Trustees Allan St. Pierre, Alex Hauser, and Jayden Hsiao to the board room table.

On Monday, August 27, the team of three, elected to provide consultation, representation, and input into decision-making during the 2018-18 school year, will take their seats with Trustees and Superintendents. This year, two Student Trustees will represent the north and south boundaries of Grand Erie, while a new position will provide the voice of Indigenous students.

“I’ve never been the first at anything, so this is pretty amazing,” said St. Pierre with a laugh. “I have a lot of love in my heart, and I’m ready to lay the foundation for this role and hopefully be a mentor to Indigenous students.”

St. Pierre, who attends Tollgate Technological Skills Centre, hopes to help ease the transition for Indigenous students attending secondary schools in Grand Erie as he provides this unique voice at the table.

“I remember performing during the Education Week Gala, and being really impressed by the Student Trustees who were hosting the event,” said Alex Hauser, who attends McKinnon Park Secondary School, and will be representing students from schools in the south boundary of Grand Erie. “I looked into what the role of Student Trustee entails, and thought, ‘I’m going to do this.’”

Hauser and St. Pierre are joined by Jayden Hsiao, whose name is probably familiar. His older sister Jeriann served as Student Trustee last year.

“Witnessing my sister take on this important role made me feel comfortable with the whole process,” says Hsiao, who attends Brantford Collegiate Institute and Vocational School, and will represent students from the north. “It will give me the chance to find out what’s going at other schools, what’s important to other students, and is a great opportunity to express the student voice.”

The roles of Students Trustees support the Achievement indicator of Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan by setting high expectations, and measuring and reflecting on outcomes, as well as the Equity pillar by promoting practices that help students, families and staff feel safe, welcomed and included.

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