Statement on behalf of the Grand Erie District School Board Trustees and Director of Education Brenda Blancher

"As we await next steps from the Ministry of Education regarding the Health and Physical Education curriculum, we want to assure our community that Grand Erie is fully committed to the well-being and achievement of all of our students by providing sound instruction and a learning environment that aligns with the realities of the world in which we live.


Grand Erie is fiercely committed to the ideals of equity and inclusion for all students and staff. This is why Equity is a key indicator in our Multi-Year Plan and its focus on Success for Every Student. It is why we promote diversity and lived experiences in our classrooms, why we celebrate our differences, and why we embrace events and activities that promote acceptance, safety and a sense of belonging.


As we wait for further details on the Health and Physical Education curriculum, we will not lose sight of our commitment to Equity at Grand Erie and our promotion of practices that help students, families and staff feel safe, welcomed and included in our schools. As a board, we will also do everything we can to be part of any consultation on the Health and Physical Education curriculum moving forward.


Finally, we know that our Grand Erie staff will continue to create safe and accepting environments for all students as we focus on our goal of Success for Every Student."

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