Parent Council Provides Community Link at École Dufferin

For new and returning families, Ecole Dufferin’s Parent Council has been instrumental in kicking off the new school year on a positive note.

“I love the impact we can make as parents to help enrich our children's education and experiences at Dufferin,” said Temple Swift, a member of the Parent Council, and parent to two students, one who just started Senior Kindergarten and another in Grade 5. “I love seeing all the new faces. It’s a chance to connect new parents in the school community to events, resources, and opportunities.”

The dedicated group of approximately 30 parents works closely with school staff throughout the year to improve student achievement and provide information in support of mental health. It’s a key way for parents to get involved in their child’s education, helping to positively influence the school’s culture, and provide a strong communication link between home and school.

One such way the Parent Council does this is through Meet the Teacher Night. Held each year, the evening gives parents a chance to meet each other, tour classrooms and school facilities as well as meet school staff. The Parent Council has hosted two of these information nights, held earlier this month.

Community is key to Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan, Success for Every Student. Ecole Duffern’s Parent Council is seeing this in action by fostering and celebrating inclusive school communities to enhance the learning experiences of all students, and integrating parents and guardians into those experiences.

“The Parent Council at Dufferin is a dedicated group, and they’ve put a lot of work into helping us start the year off right,” said Sandra Bonbled, Principal at Ecole Dufferin. “They keep students’ success at the forefront, ensuring they have the best education and school experience in a bilingual setting.”

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