Learning From Terry at Cedarland Public School

“Perseverance is when you never give up.”

“Perseverance is when you keep trying and trying until you get things done.”

Those were just a couple of the sentiments shared during Cedarland Public School’s recent assembly to help inspire and kick off students’ participation in the Terry Fox Run, held September 28. Led by students in Mrs. Catherine Money’s Grade 1/2 class, the theme of perseverance was a pertinent one to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Terry Fox, who embarked on a cross-country run to raise funds for cancer research in 1980, following his own cancer diagnosis and the amputation of his right leg.

“Who better to exemplify the importance of perseverance than Terry Fox?” points out Holly Knill, Principal at Cedarland Public School. “He never gave up, even when forced to stop running, and we’re proud to continue the legacy of his Marathon of Hope at Cedarland.”

The Grade 1/2 students led the assembly with a rousing rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Don’t Give Up.” The song’s theme of perseverance served to get students talking about trying new or difficult things, and pushing through feelings of wanting to quit when the task is seemingly too challenging.

Speaking of challenge, a fundraising goal of $200 was set for the school, and with a special added incentive. If students raised $50 for the campaign, Mrs. Money volunteered to take a pie in the face. If $100 was raised, French Teacher Madam Lisa Hadall would do the same. And, if the school reached its ultimate goal of raising $200 to support the Terry Fox Run, Principal Knill would let students toss a pie in her face as well.

There was a lot of pastry to clean up as students exceeded the goal, raising $332.30 for the wonderful cause.

The Terry Fox Run fosters and celebrates community involvement, and enhances the learning experiences of students both in and out of the classroom. Community is an important pillar of Grand Erie's Multi-Year Plan.

“It’s a good reminder about what we can achieve when we keep going,” said Knill. “We’re honoured to continue Terry’s legacy, and to practice perseverance today and each day at Cedarland.”

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