Lakewood Elementary Takes Part in Hour of Code

Students participate in a coding exercise on tablet devices in a learning commons

On December 6, Lakewood Elementary School held its second annual celebration marking the Hour of Code, an international event that started as a one-hour introduction to computer science.The event aims to demystify "code” by covering the basics in a fun, accessible way. This year, Grade 2 and 3 students spent the day exploring the many ways one can learn to use computer science and technology as well as their applications. The day was organized by teacher Joseph Archer’s Grade 6 class, and run by the those students.

Students in Archer’s class were natural ambassadors, having spent time learning and understanding the importance – and the fun – of coding in the classroom.

“Coding is fun, and you’re learning something doing it,” Grade 6 student Emma Fulton pointed out.

Gabby Moore, also in Grade 6, said she understands that coding will “affect the future because a lot of jobs will have coding involved.”

Some of the most popular activities during the day included Makey-Makey, Minecraft, block coding, and robotics. These activities have cross-curricular applications that help build problem solving and logic skills as well as creativity.

Jaxon Darbishire, one of the Grade 3 students participating in the activities noted that, “Minecraft was a challenge, but it was fun.”

Overcoming challenges and problem solving are some of the many skills developed when studying computer science.

“Coding is not easy at first – you’re going to make mistakes, and many of them,” said Archer. “But, these ‘visual mistakes’ teach you resiliency in learning.”

Technology is one of six indicators in Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan, with the goal of providing learning environments that allow students to use technology most meaningfully to enhance learning. Events such as Hour of Code provide an entertaining, hands-on way to get more familiar with these technological skillsets which will continue to be of importance.

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