Grandview Students Helping the Planet, Starting with Their Own Backyard

Students pose with a large bag of garbage they collectedDuring Earth Week last month, Grandview Public School students did their part to make the world a better place, starting with their own neighbourhood.

“Students used a divide-and-conquer approach to cover our four surrounding streets and the school yard, picking up as much garbage as we could,” explained David McGaghran, Principal at Grandview. “Our intermediate students walked over to our local park to help clean up all the garbage left behind after the winter season, and in 30 minutes, it was incredible the amount of garbage collected.”

When the rain started to come down, students were undeterred, but did need to return earlier than planned. At that point, students gathered in the gym to observe how much waste was diverted, and to discuss the efforts. During conversations, a Grade 3 student shared an important observation.

“Much of the garbage in the clear bags were recyclable materials,” he said. This lead to a wider conversation about reducing waste through recycling, and of course, the other Rs – reducing and reusing.

“Cleaning up our neighbourhood helps to make our community look its best,” said Humnah, a Grade 4 student. “It helps us put our best foot forward.”

All students took pride in the hard work that resulted, and felt good about their role as neighbours and stewards. The exercise got everyone thinking more about how to lessen the impact on the planet. Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan includes Environment as one of its key pillars, and works to build cultures of care and respect.

The community event was planned and organized by the school’s Colour House teams which acted as student leaders, and involved Kindergarten students in the effort as well. Colour House teams felt strongly about taking action locally to help their own community shine.

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