Grand Erie’s Ed Tech Team Launches Website to Help Students and Staff Make the Most of Technology

Two young students code on a computer

Grand Erie’s Ed Tech team has launched a website rich with resources, downloads, and tutorials aimed at building a community of support around the integration of technology in and out of the classroom.

“Using technology in learning enhances both independent and collaborative discovery, and builds global competencies and skillsets that will be key in the workforces of tomorrow,” said Jason Hall, Information Technology Teacher Consultant in Grand Erie, and member of the team which developed the website. “It’s crucial that students, parents, and teachers have access to hands-on resources in order to apply technology in meaningful ways.”

Grand Erie’s Ed Tech initiative, now in its ninth year, is dedicated to supporting staff in leveraging technology in the classroom, and had been seeking a way to house the myriad support materials the team has developed and continues to develop based on feedback from teachers.

The new website acts as a central hub serving staff, students, and parents. It includes details on Ed Tech Student Crews, Digital Lead Learners, Demonstration Classes, and Ed Tech Support. The Professional Learning section of the website features the first two episodes of an ongoing podcast, GEDSB Talks, aimed primarily at educators. The first episode is an interview with author Brian Aspinall on coding, while the second episode discusses the evolution of technology in schools.

Technology is one of six pillars included in Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan, committed to providing secure and reliable learning environments that allow students and staff to use technology in an effective and seamless manner.

The Ed Tech website can be found here.

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