Getting Creative by Retelling Traditional Fairy Tales at Branlyn Community School

Students share stories

Recently, students in Grade 6 at Branlyn Community School tested their creativity and demonstrated their knowledge of literary structures by turning traditional fairy tales on their heads.

“Fractured Fairy Tales” is an exercise which takes classic tales such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and tells them from the perspective of another character in the story. Students were able to let their minds explore devices such as perspective, dialogue, characterization, and motivation in new ways as they reworked the familiar stories with different insights and humorous twists.

Grade 6 student Manveer told the story of Cinderella from the point of view of a mouse who steals the princess’ heart, and ends up lucky to be living in the castle.

“When they finished the writing exercise, students enthusiastically shared their work with their Grade 1/2 reading buddies,” explained Ellen McCleary, Teacher at Branlyn, of the culminating activity. “To enhance their work, students added drama to their storytelling by using props that created an amazing experience for the primary students.”

The Grade 6 students received rave reviews from their younger audience members during the worthwhile activity which highlights the Achievement pillar of Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan. That pillar sets high expectations for students and staff, increasing understanding of effective learning strategies in literacy.

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