Community Partnerships at Bloomsburg Make the Great Outdoors the Classroom

Children pose outdoors with birdhouses

Nature has become an extension of the classroom at Bloomsburg Public School, thanks to two community partnerships that are bringing students up close and personal with the unique ecological features of the area.

Last year, Bloomsburg Public School partnered with the Waterford Heritage Trail and the Waterford and District Horticultural Society on projects that have enhanced students’ understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Classes worked with the organizations on the building and planting of two flowerbeds containing native plant species, located at the trail heads closest to the school. Each organization is committed is to enhancing people’s knowledge, accessibility, and enjoyment of this section of the Trans Canada Trail, and the natural wonders of Norfolk County.

This year, students are placing bird, bat, and bee houses on the trail, an endeavour that expands their knowledge of ecological conservation, biodiversity, and biology, as well as construction. Students made the wooden houses themselves to complete phase two of the trail enhancement project.

“We’re grateful to these community organizations as well as the local businesses which donated supplies to make each project a success,” said Lori Rodgers, Principal at Bloomsburg Public School. “We’re lucky to be situated where we are, and able to take advantage of all it has to offer.”

Community and Environment are both key components of Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan, and having the expertise of local organizations greatly contributed to these projects, which are helping create the next generation of environmental stewards.

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