Community is Key at Waterford Public School

Students pose in a large group on a skating rink

Community partnerships are important to every school, and Waterford Public School is no exception. In February, the school participated in the Waterford Lions’ annual Skate-a-Thon. This event brought students and families from five local schools together for a fun afternoon of skating, and an opportunity to support a unique opportunity in the community.

“This year’s event was in support of a skate park in Waterford, and a portion of all funds raised was also earmarked for programs at each school including nutrition programs,” explained Deb Opersko, Principal at Waterford Public School. “So it sends a great message about the importance of health, well-being, and physical activity, while also helping to build a community asset that will be around for generations to come.”

This year, with the combined support of Waterford Public School, Bloomsburg Public School, Boston Public School, Teeterville Public School, and St. Bernard’s Catholic School, pledges were collected to raise money for the planned Waterford Skate Park. In return, 50 per cent of the pledge money raised by each school goes back to the school, with 15 per cent dedicated to the school nutrition programs. The remaining 35 per cent is allocated to worthwhile projects at the schools. Overall, the event resulted in approximately $10,000 raised by the community.

Community is key to Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan, which works to foster and celebrate the local organizations which enhance students’ learning experiences through collaboration, education, and participation.

This is the 16th year the Skate-a-thon has been held in support of local causes, and Waterford Public School staff members Amy Butler and Julie Pragnell worked with Boston Public School teacher Jillian Adams and members of the Lions Club to revamp the event with fun games and challenges, and lots of time to skate.

“This was a great way for students to take on leadership roles, spend time with their families, get some exercise, and show that they can make a difference in their community,” said Opersko of the successful event.

The wheels are in motion for the skate park’s development, with many community organizations and business on board.

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