City of Brantford Honours Students from Echo Place and Onondaga-Brant

Intermediate students (Grades 7-8) from Echo Place School and Onondaga-Brant Public School were honoured at the City of Brantford’s Council Meeting on Tuesday night (April 30) when they receive an Environmental Recognition Award from the City’s Environmental Policy Advisory Committee.

The award was given to students from both schools who hosted and participated in an Intermediate Social Justice Geography Summit in January. The theme of their 2019 Summit was Global Issues: Resource Use and Global Inequalities.

During the Summit, students brought to light issues that go unnoticed by most of society. Both schools also worked on an extensive three-phase inquiry research project related to Geography and joined together to present their findings.

The purpose of the project was to have students use the inquiry process to investigate global issues of political, social, economic, and/or environmental importance, their impact on the global community, and possible responses to the issues.

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