City of Brantford Honours ‘The Future’ from Russell Reid Public School

A group of students holds up certificates

At the City of Brantford’s Council Meeting on Tuesday night (April 30), the students who dubbed themselves ‘The Future’ received an Environmental Recognition Award from the City’s Environmental Policy Advisory Committee.

‘The Future’ is a group of Intermediate students at Russell Reid who want a serious reduction in the burning of fossil fuels and are trying to eliminate plastic products in Brantford, including single-use plastic straws. These students are committed to the global youth movement calling for government action on Climate Change. They call themselves ‘The Future’ because they believe that the earth needs protection for their future and the future of all generations.

‘The Future’ includes students Hannah, Patia, Charlotte, Grace and Victoria as well as Grade 7/8 Mrs. Kargus. Earlier this year, ‘The Future’ held a rally outside their school to draw attention to the need for action on Climate Change. They also encouraged all Grand Erie Schools to participate in Climate Action on April 26 as part of Earth Week celebrations.

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