Caption: The winning class poses with some of the items collected during the annual holiday donation drive

Annual Holiday Bonanza at Dunnville Secondary Makes it a Merrier Christmas for Many

For several years, students at Dunnville Secondary School have participated in an annual charity event called the Jolly Jingle Bonanza that raises food, clothing, and money for the local branch of the Salvation Army.

“During the Bonanza, homerooms compete against each other, trying to earn the most points in a battle to win a lunch-time pizza party for their class,” explains Principal Jayne Chalmers. “It’s a friendly competition for a wonderful cause.”

The event lasts 10 days leading up to the winter break, with each day aiming to collect specific items such as personal hygiene products including toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant. On those days, these particular items are worth double, triple, or even five times the number of points they would normally be awarded, to ensure that these much-needed items are collected in larger quantities.

This year, the generous – and competitive – students at Dunnville Secondary collected a truckload of food, personal items, and clothing to be donated. On top of this, they also raised just short of $600 to further assist the Salvation Army’s holiday efforts supporting the Dunnville community.

Community is a key pillar in Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan, and efforts such as the Jolly Jingle Bonanza go far in enhancing and enriching the learning experiences of many students.

The school congratulates the students of Philip Cline’s homeroom class on their winning efforts, and commends the entire student body at Dunnville Secondary for its show of support to the community during the holiday season last month.

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