TweetMeet a Chance to Talk Tech in Grand Erie

The Ed Tech team is fostering a supportive online community in Grand Erie through scheduled TweetMeets, and the next one takes place very soon. These lively discussions take technology and education-related conversations to Twitter, and bring a diverse group of experts into the mix.

The team is excited to announce its next TweetMeet on Thursday, November 30, with hosts from a number of Grand Erie departments. Vicki Keen (Communicative Disorders Assistant), Atala Andratis (ESL/ELD Teacher Consultant), Junaid Sheikh (Business Application Analyst, ITS), Lynn Thomas (Secondary teacher & Digital Lead Learner), and Cynthia Gozzard (Itinerant Teacher Ed Tech Elementary) will be leading educators through the interactive session discussing cloud technology. Grand Erie staff will be co-hosting a discussion with Microsoft in Education Canada on the timely topic being used to support workflow, engagement, and student learning. The cloud is helping Grand Erie prioritize collaboration, accessibility, and differentiated instruction, and the Ed Tech team is working to provide professional learning in a variety of ways, recognizing that many educators benefit from PD that goes beyond the traditional workshop.

Want to take part in the next TweetMeet?

Please join us in the discussion by following these steps:

  • Create a Twitter account for free
  • Login to Twitter on November 30 at 7 p.m.
  • Use the looking glass tool to search for the hashtag #MSFTEdChatCA
  • The conversation lasts an hour, and a question is asked every 10 minutes. When you answer each question, use the characters A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 to begin your answer
  • Somewhere in your answer, use the hashtags #MSFTEdChatCA and #GEDSB21C so that your answer is visible within the thread.

Cloud Computing Questions:

1. Tell us about your school’s journey to the cloud… Bumps on the road are welcome!

2. How can the cloud improve workflow and collaboration for students and teachers?

3. How does the cloud encourage greater engagement between the whole learning community?

4. In what ways has the cloud helped make your daily practice more efficient?

5. What resources have you found useful for implementing and supporting learning in the cloud?

6. How can the cloud support differentiated instruction across a wide array of learning styles and needs?

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